Sunday, October 11, 2009

Table For Two

Here are some pix of the awesome chairs we found for the cafe. The guy we bought them from said they came out of a convent in Portland. Somewhat mid-century religious modern. There's only seven of them but we'll make it work. We also have a large farm style table and a lot of mix matched old wooden chairs that I think we'll paint all the some color. What color that will be we don't yet know??

The View From Home Depot Has Never Looked So Good

On one particular day I was exhausted by my third trip to the Depot.... but it was all worth it.

Cutting In To The Floor

Dad and Barry prepare to cut a hole in the floor so that Bert the Plumber can put in the new drains and pipes for the second floor plumbing and a toilet.

Hard at Work

Our friend Justin Richel has been on the job with us, doing what he does best, mudding and taping the sheetrock. He is a meticulous master of the trowel!