Thursday, September 17, 2009

Studio C taking shape!! I'm focussed on this particular studio because its slated to be mine. Can't wait to set up shop! Also, you can see a before shot of this wall in the post prior to this one, showing the pink paint and what were window-like openings into the kitchen. The new openings will be for the windows into the common space I mentioned previously.

Replacing the Floor Where the Elevator Once Was

A simple progression of the new joists going in and the subflooring being put in on top. The final picture is the old flooring that we found in the basement being put back in its original place. We even have enough extra to patch a few of the other holes that are scattered around. No more pesky hole!! The next exciting adventure is to learn how to sand and refinish the floor. Stayed tuned for more soon.

Repainting Studio C

As you can see it was pink and green and a myriad of other colors. Now just a simple and elegant shade of ultra pure bright white with a slightly beige tinge to the wainscoting.

Aren't We Official

The Fly In

It's certainly easier than carrying it up the stairs.

Patriotic 9/11 Whoopie Pie

Our afternoon snack from the local corner store was flying these unusual colors for one important day, until Barry ate it. Insane, right?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The ceiling was finished a few weeks ago and we have moved ahead with the framing of the walls in between hour long meetings with plumbers, electricians and code officials. We have now built out the stud walls for the three spaces, bathroom and the entry vestibule. We have also left spaces for the transome windows that will be located above each studio door, as well as a few little farmy windows that will filter a little extra light into the interior common space. There are also a few pix of the before and after of the window rehab job I did. Scraping, re-glazing and putting a new coat of paint on them has made them quite lovely. Also since the first batch of fotos was taken we've had a chance to put up the homosote sound board that will make the studios nice and quiet as well as some of the 12 foot sheets of sheetrock in the stairwell.