Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And They Work!!

transom n 1: a window above a door and hinged to a transom [syn: transom window, fanlight] 2: a horizontal crosspiece across a window or separating a door from a window over it [syn: traverse]

After all of the tedious work done on the salvaged windows from Wilbur's Antique Barn in Greene... We finally have our homemade transom windows. We ordered remakes of the old style latches from a place in Portland OR that work by simply slipping a hook through the loop and pulling down on it. Then there are nice little chains to catch the window and keep it from falling too far open. Seeing that we are going the anti AC route due to expense and our disbelief in it, we thought that there would be a natural cross breeze when these are all open. That and the ceiling fans should make it just right in the summer. You also get a glimpse in these pictures of the fabulous string art light fixture we scored at a yard sale in Houlton Maine this summer.

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